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Welcome to Rocart

Founded in 2018 and based in New York, the epicenter of the art industry. Rocart is an online platform dedicated to artists, collectors and art enthusiasts for buying and selling artwork.

We are the middle-man between the artists and the collectors. It’s that simple…

What makes us different?

We feature artists from over 20 countries, 5 continents, and ships worldwide.

Rocart is proud to have one of the lowest commission on the market to support the expansion of the art world internationally.

We make it possible for artists to reach a global audience by sharing their work worldwide.

Our diverse artists create various type of genres from biblical paintings, inspirational art, modern designs, environmental symbolism and much more! Furthermore, Rocart is proud to be collaborating with artists that promote humanitarian and environmental ideology such as (but not limited to): Polar Bear Stencil advocating against global warming - "Don't Make Us History", Thomas Wimberly advocating against gun violence - "Peace Rose", Brian Knoerzer advocating for a greener environment - "4 Roses" and more!

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We ship right to your door so rock art today, it’s just a click away!

Enjoy our partnership with Blick by clicking below for special offers when purchasing your art supplies... more partnerships coming soon.

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