Ks Green (Carlos César Assis Santos) is an emerging visual artist who is gaining attention with his unique styles mixing expressionism, modernism and pop art. Born on September 27, 1988 in the city of Espinosa, where he would spend his childhood as the third-born of a house-builder and housewife. Despite the challenges of poverty and drought, he had developed a passion for drawing and painting at a young age that would grow and became more distinct as he did. He began his studies in the municipal public school Doutor José Esteves in the village of Sussuarana. Since completing his schooling, he had kept a number of jobs including work in the beverage industry as well as gardening and landscaping – all while continuing to experiment with different artistic styles. From drawings to caricatures and portraits, in 2018 he discovered his true talent lies with paint and canvas, taking inspirations from pop culture and urban life. He moved with his family to the inner city of Artur Nogueira de São Paulo in the early 2000s where he currently lives.

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