Natashia Newhouse

Natashia is a self-taught, abstract artist from the Midwest (United States.) Her art is a landscape of energy and emotion through color. When She begins a painting, she let go of any expectations she may have about the outcome. It’s become a very therapeutic process, placing her completely in the present. She forgets all the “rules” She may have accumulated thus far in life, and let this connection she has formed with the color itself take over. At times, Natashia often feels that she is a vehicle for each medium. Something “else” takes over and interprets the energy that she is experiencing.

Natashia desire for the viewer to share in this experience as well. She feels that even the smallest detail seems to take on a world of its own. Maybe it’s the peaceful ebb and flow of the ocean- or the wonderment and mystery of the galaxies. It is her intention for the viewer to transcend their own environment into whatever this landscape may represent to them personally.

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