Susi Schuele

Susi Schuele is a self-taught abstract artist. Raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, she now lives in the town of Lisbon, Wisconsin with her husband, Chuck and their two very spoiled dogs, stardust and Hanna.

Susi has been creating in some way since she was a child. She is self-taught, beginning with acrylic paint and drawing. She has been creating abstract art with colorful stains on wood since approximately 2015. Susi not only achieves incredible depth in her work, but she also brings a little more of her soul into each of her paintings by titling them with song. Her love of music (Susi’s husband is a guitarist)  is only surpassed by her love of art. As a result, her paintings evoke a powerful emotional effect on viewers.

Schuele was nominated for the “people’s choice” award in the artist table 2017 women’s exhibition online. She is a member of many art communities and associations, including the league of Milwaukee artists (LMA), Milwaukee artists resource network (MARN) and Wisconsin visual artists (WVA). She currently enjoys gallery representation at woodland studios in Stoughton, wi as well as exhibiting in many prestigious exhibitions for contemporary art including the fine art gallery at the one of a kind spring art show in Chicago, Il.

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